A study on Wearables

UX Research Project

Position: Team Lead
Key words: Literature review, Focus group, Persona
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As the smart wearable devices continue to penetrate into our daily lives and wearable technologies evolve in a rapid speed, the study of user experience in this specific field becomes imminent. In this project, we first took a glimpse into into the history and trend of wearable devices. After that, a user study will be conducted through focus groups. Then we formulated personas in order to bring some insights into the design of future wearable devices.


Through the focus group, we want to find out typical tendencies, motivations and behaviors of different segments of users.

Subject Recruitement

According to the resources available, two separate focus groups are planned for subjects with two levels of experience: those who have used wearable devices for more than 3 months, and those who have not. Volunteers are sorted after an individual survey so that each group will have a diversity on the key indexes.

From the chart above we could be confident to say that subjects are fairly distributed in the concerned aspects.

Carry out focus groups

  1. Different questions are designed to lead the discussion of the two focus groups.
  2. For the experienced group, we encourage participants to talk more about their fulfillments or frustrations while using the wearables.
  3. For the inexperienced group, we want to take a deeper look into their reasons for not trying out or the motivations for stopping the wear of the product.
  4. Both groups are also guided to discuss their views on the products available on market as well as future possibilities.
  5. Each focus group lasts for an hour and consists of 5 participants, a host and a recorder.

Classify findings to form three coherent personas



The three personas convey different user stories to us. Jack, the primary persona, is also the primary target customer of current smart wearable companies. He is a fan of sports and a fan of tech. He is curious and open to new things. We have depicted him as a student, but his enthusiasm may not easily vanish when he grows older, making him different from Quintus, one of the secondary persona. For those companies should be take much care of the user experience of people like Jack-they are always the early adopters and opinion leaders. They could be a valuable fortune to them if a strong loyalty is formed. The companies should continue to come out with new things, to lead or keep up with new trends so that Jack will not slip away to other brands with cooler products.

Quintus and Janice are alike in some ways. But we could see that Janice is a main stream user, cautious in many aspects while Quintus is a late adopter. Quintus would only consider picking smart bracelet once again when technology had evolved to a much higher level and all his criteria were met. For many companies, the top concern is not to attract people like Quintus at a huge cost of development, but to persuade people like Janice that some of the terrific things about the product are just what they want.

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