Adobe Design Internship

UX Internship: Prototype, Research & Design

Position: Design Intern
Key words: Design System, Usability Testing, Prototyping


The Adobe Design team has been wroking on a new set of Creative Cloud products (e.g. XD, Dimensions, Lightroom CC) to define Creative Cloud's Experience Brand by delivering modern, unified customer experiences. It represents a shift from building discrete desktop and mobile applications to building applications as systems. The goal is to infuse Adobe’s products with familiar experiences across applications and devices to facilitate interoperability and reduce time to success for our customers.

During my internship, I focused on designing the Asset Panel, which is part of the design framework. My work is a preliminary exploration of the design. It starts with a need analysis of the current apps, undergoes three rounds of iterations, delivers solutions along with related problems that the team should take in mind in the future.

Design Process

Task & Need Analysis
3 Rounds of Iterations

The design of the asset panel went through three rounds of iterations. The steps are shown below.

Identifying Problems


During my internship, I also worked with a senior user researcher to conduct research to gain insights into the design framework by testing on a new video-editing app. My job was to find out where the design framework needs to be flexible and where it can be standardized across apps and devices. The Research also investigated target users impressions and expectations of the framework. Findings from this research are used to inform the future direction of the framework as well as future research.

Methodology & Process

1. Insights into target user’s workflow and needs

2. Identified usability issues with the new video-editing app and made recommendations on where to improve

3. Compared the two layout design and suggested the future direction

4. Provided five design suggestions on the design framework using low-fi prototypes

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