Project and Research

Potluck : Research and design for on-campus dining problems

UX Design and Research

Good dining is an important part in overall adaptation to a new life abroad, but we have found the following experience widely shared among new international students. We are inspired to find a solution to help international students adapt to dining on campus in a better way.

Key words: User study, Product design

PocketHearty: iPhone-based ECG device

Developement | Independent Project

The severity of cardiovascular disease is beyond imagination in China, with over 290 million patients reported in the year of 2014. We name the product PocketHearty in the wish that it will become a portable companion for the user’s health.

Key words: iOS developing,Project Management, UI design

User study: Understanding how HCI students share knowledge

UX Research Project

This user study is driven by a design scenario: The program chair thinks a one-stop-shop should be developed to cater for every student’s needs specific to the program. But does a one-stop-shop really reflect their needs? What pertinent needs do HCI students really have?

Keywords: interview, survey, data analysis, empathy map...

Kemai: Personal CRM

UX Design Summer Intern

Kemai technology launches a vertical socializing application targeting at people in marketing function. My jobs include optimizing the flow of the current app following usability principles, prototyping for new features, and conducting user research.

Key words: Wireframe, Prototype, Interaction design...

Morning & Night: keep healthy routine

UX Research and Design

“Morning & Night ”aims to maximize the external motivation and help them develop a healthy sleeping routine-sleep early and rise early.

Key words: User study, Storyboard, Low-fi prototypes, Heuristic evaluation, UI design, Hi-fi prototype

How to choose layout and color? : An eye-tracking study of reading efficiency in Chinese

HCI Research

This investigation focuses on two influential factors on reading: layout and color. Based on literature review, we found out that there had been no research that fell into the field of Chinese reading.

Keywords: design of experiment, statistics, eye tracking

A user-centered research: wearable smart device

UX Research

In this project, we first took a glimpse into into the history and trend of wearable devices. After that, a user study will be conducted through focus groups. Then we formulated personas in order to bring some insights into the design of future wearable devices.

Keywords: literature review, focus group, persona